Tourism Australia and the Dundee Movie

The Dundee Movie is Tourism Australia’s hugely successful 2018 campaign for the Superbowl, and the ad has many people wishing it was real. Via

Still Australia’s biggest hit at the local box office, the Paul Hogan blockbuster which put the larrikin actor and our outback on the international map, is the inspiration for an all-star ‘trailer’ — starring Chris Hemsworth and Oscar nominee Margot Robbie — set to air during the NFL’s end-of-season showdown.

Tourism Australia on Sunday refused to comment on rumours the Dundee show reels were part of a Super Bowl ad campaign, which has teased fans for weeks with the prospect of the movie’s revival.

Now, even before the $5 million ad goes to air before an estimated TV audience of more than 100 million US viewers alone, the NT News has seized on the viral sensation to launch ‘Bring Back Dundee’.

Making the most of momentum around the Super Bowl spoof, the public campaign will seek celebrity and government support for the film to be lured back into production — potentially bringing with it a jobs bonanza in both the tourism and entertainment sectors.

NT News editor Matt Williams said he hoped people would sign the petition in hordes after the ad airs at the Super Bowl today.

“Once it airs we hope people get very excited and sign our petition and make this movie happen.

“(Chris Hemsworth) grew up in the Terriroty with his brothers and he’s a mega star now, he would be perfect to take a front and centre role in a new movie.

“Bring back Dundee.”

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