Trapa opposes Palm Oil

Spanish confectionary company Trapa’s latest campaign is about its opposition to palm oil. Via the Drum:

Spanish confectionary brand Trapa has unveiled a documentary to reveal that it has removed palm oil from its new varieties and will remove it from all its products globally by 2019.

The documentary titled ‘An Unrepeatable Photograph?’ created by FCB&FiRe Spain aims to raise awareness about the problem of deforestation caused by the “indiscriminate cultivation” and consumption of palm trees. As part of the campaign, the Trapa team shot travelled to the island of Borneo, Indonesia to shoot some pictures of the endangered forest and the team will go back again later to check if the picture can be repeated.

Trapa shot the documentary in an undercover manner posing to do a regular photo shoot for a fashion magazine by the photographer, Anne Roig, and the model, A. Ivanyuk as they wouldn’t have been otherwise allowed to shoot the documentary, as explained in the documentary.

Jesús Revuelta, chief creative officer of FCB&FiRe, explained: “Behaviour sends a much stronger message than any conventional advertising can. In this case, in addition to the transcendence of the topic, the content emits a critical judgment which strengthens our ability to be relevant to a certain audience. It is very gratifying for us to advise the new Trapa in two closely intermingled areas: business decisions that speak for themselves, and creativity applied to content”.

Tantyo Bangun, chairperson of International Animal Rescue Indonesia, added: “The sustainable palm oil movement is not working fast nor big enough to have impact. An orangutan population needs the space of 10 to 20 plantations collaborating at once to keep natural forest corridors.

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