Welcome back… with McDonald's


Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break and here’s wishing everyone an amazing 2019. Have a McDonalds New Zealand ad that gets into the spirit of things… in a hilarious fashion. Via the NZ Herald:

Unconventional sleeping arrangements, beady eyes and slow movements come together in a new New Zealand-produced McDonald’s ad that provides a 60-second summary of New Year’s Day around New Zealand. Dubbed “The Day After”, the campaign launched on New Year’s Eve to give Kiwis a reminder that they can always rely on McDelivery when they’re feeling a little under the weather.

It’s been produced specifically for the local market by local ad agency DDB. Chief creative officer Damon Stapleton said that there’s something universal about the spot that he hopes will connect with a wide audience.

“Macca’s has always been there when you need it, and now with McDelivery that’s truer than ever before,” Stapleton said. The ad campaign will play throughout January as the company looks to encourage more Kiwis to use its delivery service.

McDonald’s marketing director Jo Mitchell said that Kiwis can expect more ads like this that celebrate the shared experiences Kiwis might have in 2019.

“Convenience has always been key to what we offer at McDonald’s, and since we launched in 2017, McDelivery has proved to be a popular new iteration of what convenience means for our customers.”

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