Why Advertisers are Tracking Your Emojis

Why advertisers are tracking your emojis: part of the continuous media engine hell bent on knowing absolutely everything about you, we’re guessing. Via the Daily Mail:

As if tracking the websites you visit, your location and Google searches wasn’t enough, now brands may be looking at your emojis to serve up the next advertisement you see.

Since 2016, Twitter has offered advertisers the ability to see which emojis users are sending in the app. That data turns out to be a gold mine for advertisers, which look at your emojis to determine your emotional state, then deliver highly targeted ads depending on your current mood, according to Vox.

Twitter noted that advertisers can use the emoji data to show users ads based on their mood, ‘target people who tweet food emojis’ and ‘reach people on their passions.’

‘If someone puts a thumbs up or a smiley face, show them this ad,’ Aaron Goldman, chief marketing officer at 4C Insights, one of the companies working with Twitter, told Marketplace. ‘If they do a frowny face or a thumbs down, show them a different ad, ‘We’ve seen people targeting football and basketball emojis for athletic wear,’ he added. Some emojis are more obvious than others, such as a smiley face emoji, the heart eyes emoji or the crying emoji. 

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