Why Women's Pockets Suck

Why do Women’s Pockets Suck? They’re either too small, or entirely decorative, or are placed in an inconvenient location on the clothes. Via Mic:

People have a lot of feelings when it comes to pockets. In short: They are great only when you have them and only when they are large enough to stuff anything you want inside of them. A snack? A phone? A condom? All of that should be able to fit in fashion’s favorite hidden compartments. But, in lots of women’s clothing in particular, that hardly ever happens.

Entire essays have been written about why women’s pockets are so small. Entire essays have been written about why that’s sexist. Entire essays have been written about how the iPhone has made some fairly useless.

Why are women’s pockets so contentious in the first place? Really, why are they so crappy or totally nonexistent? What role does technology play?

Turns out, pockets have been fashion’s favorite little secret since the 17th century, so this deep love and passion for them is not only sensible, but has also been ingrained into our society for the last 400 years. Oh, and they’ve pretty much been some sexist bullshit from the beginning.

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