Wisecrack and the Shining

The people at Wisecrack have made a great video about the cinematography in the Shining, showing how it increases the creepiness of the film. This has been discussed before elsewhere, including by Matt Burns Media Production:

The Shining uses symmetry and verticals throughout the film with the long hallways and endless amounts of ceiling lights perhaps symbolising a long journey with no end? The use of bold primary colours is startling with red, blue and yellow being the most frequent. Does the colour red reflect passion? Or just blood? The colour Red is used so stubbornly with Red carpet, Red walls, the Red tuxedo of the bar tender, Red jacket (Jack), Red clothes (Danny and Wendy) and of course RED RUM, written in Red crayon. By using primary colours to this extent it provides consistency within the cinematography but is also very symbolic. The other way that Kubrick uses colour and light to emphasise emotion is the pale blue over exposed colours that are used to convey cold expression or feeling and to provide a sense of cold blood and to grab the audience. I am referring to the close-up of Nicholson staring out over the snow-covered garden through the window with the evil grin on his face.

The long sweeping dolly shots of massive empty rooms and corridors again gives a sense of isolation and abandonment. These smooth tracking shots in silence or with eerie music creates extreme tension and quite often a fear of the unknown. There is always a feeling of regret for Danny as he turns down a different empty corridor alone on his tricycle. This is again emphasised by the use of POV shots where the director has put the audience in the boots of the character and lets the audience experience the feeling of roaming around this haunted empty hotel alone. The close-up shots on the terrified faces of Danny and Wendy are very reminiscent of shots from ‘A Clockwork Orange’. The light plays so magnificently on Nicholson’s eyebrows and pointy nose and at time makes you think fatherly? or evil?

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