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That Zoolander, so hot right now.

Coming off a smash hit surprise launch via Stiller and Wilson in character as Zoolander and Hansel on the Valentino catwalk last year, the Zoolander 2 film has been officially announced, to be released on Feb 11. In the meantime, Zoolander has ramped up its marketing, with hilarious tie-ins from Fiat (above), “Driving While Hot”, and a trailer that mocks and celebrates high fashion ads:

Print ads add to the hilarious marketing spiel so far.


An article in the WSJ titled ‘The New Ad Man: Derek Zoolander’ explained the fierce marketing push:

The release of “Zoolander 2” represents a test case of several converging trends in Hollywood. It was greenlit off the success of the 2001 original’s afterlife on DVD and in consumer products, and it offers a chance for Paramount to make millions by lending out its characters to other brands.

Though Hollywood registered its highest-grossing year of all time in 2015, streaming services and other at-home entertainment have made going to the movies a tougher call for many consumers. That’s put the onus on studios to turn their movies into “can’t-miss” events that must be seen on opening weekend—and not months later on Netflix.

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