City of Boroondara

The Client


Starship was asked to communicate Boroondara’s 2030 proposed ‘strategic plan for population growth’ to its residents, and to develop a series of events, channels and mechanisms that would give residents a way to genuinely be included in the debate.

We were given an A4 295 page document from Boroondara’s planning department, and was asked to translate it into a clear, succinct piece of communication that engages residents and engenders their desire to be part of the discussion.


Starship undertook extensive research into community expectations then later created a unique look and simplified messaging for the 2030 strategy plan, which executed into a ‘Special Edition Bulletin’.

In conjunction with Boroondara’s communications team, we undertook the following activities:

• Consolidated 295 pages of planning information into 24 pages, summarising all the key points
• Developed Fact sheets and FAQs
• Created a 24page ‘Special Edition Bulletin’ that went to every resident
• Developed online surveys and feedback forms
• Developed online forums (independently moderated)
• Conducted multiple focus groups
• Planned and developed interactive forums, open houses and drop in sessions
• Established/scripted, a Planning Hotline
• Developed the UX for the ‘Have Your Say’ website


Victoria’s largest in business size and ‘wealth’ terms, Boroondara is now regarded as one of the most (if not the most) progressive, community focused professional Councils in Australia.