Keramik Dental

About this Project


To give Keramik Dental a new brand image and ethos, that reflects its future digital orientation and brings to life the superbly detailed dental art that Keramik is renowned for.


To turn an intensely personal, technical art-like business into one that is more digital and long distance, without losing the quality of the commercial relationships or the kudos of the established brand. Dentists are notoriously fastidious science-oriented customers and it’s hard to get their attention.

Besides being Australia’s highest paid professionals, they are also small businessmen, well-known for their focus on the bottom line. Meaning they really struggle to be happy to pay more for things than necessary. Fortunately, they also know that reputation is everything and really good work in this area will have a huge impact on the success of their own practice.

Our job was to convince them of the folly of buying cheap imported dental implants and to seek instead work (Keramik’s) that fitted the quality of their own practice.


The brand’s had a major lift in confidence and appeal. Keramik Dental is moving into online distance sales and has significantly increased the number of dental surgeries they service, and the size of surgeries, obtaining big contracts with the major players – and they’re now flat out making beautiful pieces of oral art.