At Starship we turn complicated processes into simple behavioural change strategies; easy to understand and act on to maximise your goals. We aim to create high ROI content that will give you a bigger, better voice in your marketplace, helping you better engage with your existing target audience – or get into a conversation with new people.

Ecotech – Corporate video
Uplifting documentary-style piece. Focus on problem-solving and customer-focused culture in a documentary style.

Barry Plant – Process
Evoking authority and trustworthiness while humanising the brand with a stylish illustrated animation.

Barry Plant – Agent videos
Introduction sales tool videos.

Pact Group – Manufacturing video
Focus on innovation, sustainability and people, using animated graphical text overlays.


Sustainability Victoria – Get it right on bin night
Behavioural change campaign, simple clear communications using info graphics to communicate to a broad language base.

Sustainability Victoria – Get it right on bin night
An educational video on how a materials recycling facility works.

BlendCo – Strawberry Fields
Promotional video for BlendCo shot at Strawberry Fields festival.

BlendCo – Juice Cleanse Diary Interviews

Venture Entrepreneur – World-class conference in San Fransisco
Featuring the world’s most successful entrepreneurial speakers.

CSR Viridian – Smart Glass
Informational TVC – with an entertaining personality humanising what’s otherwise an ‘invisible’ and quite technical ‘dry’ product.

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