Starship was asked to deliver a standout brand that would drive iSelect’s call centre. The market in 2007 was crowded with big spending, well-known brands, while iSelect owned only 1% of the market. No one was used to buying health insurance through a comparison website, and there were trust and communications issues with iSelect’s target audience.

We refreshed the brand: selecting the brand colour orange for iSelect, as well as a savvy talking head who had her own, distinct personal language that we created: e.g. “you’d have to be puffin muffins to buy health insurance any other way”. This created a highly visible and unusual brand personality that left a strong impression with the general public. We also added “compare, select and save” which was revolutionary at the time in health insurance. In the process, we commoditized health insurance, saving everyone money who bought through iSelect.


iSelect’s market share grew from 1% to 13% in just three years. Their call centre grew from 9 to 120 people in that time. In 2009 when the health insurance industry reported a 15% drop in sales, iSelect experienced an 80% increase. iSelect recently floated for about $500 million.

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