Starship was asked to help grow sales of New Zealand Avocados’ product in Australia. Avocados from Australia or New Zealand are virtually identical. To claim one thing or another from a product’s source point of view is unbelievable and not credible. But New Zealand has a different growing season to Australia – so if we promoted avocados at the right time of the year, our client would benefit.

Another observation was that avocados were not used much – 70% of Australians are not confident cooks – most at the time used them only once in a while and had little idea of what to do with avocados past prawn cocktails and slices in salads. The issue was: How do we get Australians to use avocados more regularly, so overall demand goes up? And how do we pump the demand in a timely fashion that helps New Zealand’s sales?

We did find out one useful fact: that people who eat lots more avocados (the avocado loyalists) used them often on toast or in sandwiches. With this knowledge, Starship came up with a strategy to promote New Zealand Avocados as a spread, via the use of an integrated campaign. Our ‘Avospreadinstead’ TVC campaign showed how to use avocados as a healthy alternative as a spread on toast, using a catchy retro jingle that appealed to adults and kids alike.


Our campaign spread the benefits of New Zealand Avocados to a whole world of consumers and broke the category’s style for advertising, lifting sales by a strong >24%+.

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