Beyond Theory

Starship was asked to revitalise a tired brand and launch a new era for the Leo Cussen Centre for Law and help them move from a state-government funded institute to a self-funded national model. Leo Cussen teaches lawyers all the practical things they need to know besides the theory. It was established in 1972 by an Act of Parliament as Leo Cussen Institute and is now an independent, non-profit centre of excellence for practical legal training and ongoing professional development for entry-level lawyers through to senior legal practitioners. It provides a practical training course for law graduates designed to bridge the gap between university and legal practice, a traineeship program, a large range of Continuing Professional Development programs for practising lawyers and other professionals, as well as publications.



Our positioning line reflected Leo Cussen’s diverse offering: ‘Beyond theory’. And rather than being an Institute we renamed them a ‘Centre for Law’, which is more approachable and welcoming. Our rebrand refreshed the Leo Cussen brand and updated their look, language and positioning: along with a full brand identity suite, we also updated their website and print collateral.



The rebrand and new clearer positioning have helped shape the institute’s future. Leo Cussen Centre for Law now operates nationally without government funding and have a waiting list at all campuses. The culture is now student-centric and relishing the changing forces of the education marketplace.

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