The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a non-profit, marine conservation organisation based in the United States, founded in 1977 by an ex-member of Greenpeace, after a dispute with Greenpeace over a lack of more aggressive conservation intervention. Sea Shepherd uses direct action tactics to protect marine life, and has been behind several high profile marine campaigns, particularly with regards to whale conservation. Most of Sea Shepherd Australia’s funding comes from its merchandise sales. As such, Sea Shepherd asked Starship to create a video to sell merchandise and raise funds for its upcoming conservation campaigns.


We created an upbeat, colourful and positive campaign for Sea Shepherd Australia focused on getting existing Sea Shepherd supporters to help grow Sea Shepherd’s ‘ground crew’, by encouraging them and their friends to buy gift cards or merchandise for the upcoming holiday season. The campaign primarily was made for digital, and was also shown at select drive-in theatres in Australia. Directed by Sea Shepherd’s Stephen Amis, the video was filmed at Wick Studios, and art directed by Starship. Nelli Huié provided on-site photography. The voice over was recorded and provided by Bang Bang studios. Pre-production concepts, storyboards, scripts and post-production video editing were done in-house at Starship.



Sea Shepherd Australia received the highest holiday season merchandise sales on record. Thanks everyone for their support. Sea Shepherd still needs your help: donate today!

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