Starship was asked to create a standalone on-premise brand for the winery’s 2019 Viognier variety called Two Nurses. The brand would have to be differentiated from Peerick's other Viognier brand, "Vee On Yay".


Inspired by the Peerick Vineyard owners personal ties to the nursing industry (Felicity and Megan O’Hara are practising nurses themselves), 'Two Nurses’ was ideated to be a tribute to Australia’s nursing community. With this in mind, Starship developed an intricate ‘playing-card’ style design that portrays them rightfully as “humble heroes”. Hand-drawn sketch work of both a vintage and modern-day nurse are seen together on a premium black and gold background, amongst finely drawn plants and flowers, which represent the wine’s light, floral notes.

With a theme focussed on pride and honour, Starship ensured the tone and language of the back label conveyed this effectively whilst also showing the wine as having a playful spirit. As the label reads “Two Nurses screams work hard, play hard with every glass. So to our nursing colleagues: stand up, be counted and take a sip. You’ve earned it!”

The final printed label thoughtfully encompasses foil text, raised gloss effects and fine line printing, for a product that all nurses can be proud to have a tipple of.

Two Nurses


A run of Two Nurses labels have been printed and bottled, with wine boxes and a bespoke website/page created to further the awareness of these wines.


  • Project management
  • Art Direction
  • Brand strategy and concept development
  • Language and tone development
  • Packaging design
  • Illustration and graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Front-End website development
  • Content development, management and creative execution
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