Life Begins at ARC

To create a consistent and relevant brand for Australian Retirement Communities (ARC) (and later, to help fold that brand into Stockland’s portfolio, after they bought it for $328 million.)



To make village life more enticing and less onerous. To show ARC’s target audience how much fun they could have living with people their own age, doing the things they’re truly interested in. We decided to combat the perception of retirement communities as a place to spend your twilight years, instead highlighting ARC villages as the place to go to start an exciting, whole new life. This was a revolutionary concept when we started.

The positioning line – ‘Life begins at ARC’ – says that in an ARC community you begin a whole new phase of your life, full of opportunity, things to do and people to do them with. The ‘Life begins at ARC’ strategy was brought to life with advertising that focused on real residents, living rich and interesting lives. Starship managed the ARC account for over 10 years, creating all of ARC’s promotional needs across their villages.


Starship successfully launched a village each 9 months. During our time, ARC grew from 11 villages to 24, including landmark villages such as ‘North Lakes’, in Queensland. In 2007 Stockland purchased ARC for a record $328 million. Once Stockland took over, Starship helped them rebrand all the collateral from ARC to Stockland. Stockland still uses most of the collateral we developed.

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