Adobe and Wizards of the Coast

Ever wanted to create your own D&D monster? Check out this new contest by Wizards of the Coast and Adobe to Photoshop one for a campaign. Via Gizmodo:

Ever wanted to create your own fantastical, horrifying creature by literally slapping various body parts together? Well, without some kind of access to some level of dark magicks, that’s not gonna happen. But this new contest being held by Adobe and Wizards of the Coast might be the next best thing.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Wizards is partnering with Adobe to task wannabe photoshoppers with creating the terrifying visage of a creature known only as the Terror of the Undermountain, a callback to the classic, The Ruins of the Undermountain adventure released for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in the ‘90s. Using a set of pre-made bodyparts offered just for the contest, fans can incorporate their own artistic elements (like, say, a suitably creepy background for your Terror to skulk about in) and ‘shop together their own creation with a chance for it to become the official face of the Terror itself. Lucky winners judged by a panel of Adobe and D&D designers will get a chance to see their design turned into an official miniature, meet the D&D creative team, and earn $5,000 for their monstrous troubles, to boot.

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