Quest for the Perfect Apple

Quest for the Perfect Apple — SweeTango, Zestar, Rave, Cosmic Crisp, EverCrisp, Arctic, Kissabel, Envy, these are all designer apples hoping to tempt people off Red Delicious to new varieties. Via ABC News:

While classic apples, such as Pink Lady, Royal Gala and Granny Smith are still a staple in the local fruit and vegetable aisle, some new names like Kanzi, Redlove, Bravo and Envy are stocking the shelves, promising a premium price and sustainability for apple growers.

They are called “club” varieties because they come with a trademark, and grower groups pay royalties and licensing fees in order to grow them.

Each variety has unique selling points, whether it be a nice colour or a better taste.

For example, the Kanzi apple is a hybrid of Braeburn and Gala varieties, and is promoted on its tangy taste and crisp bite.

Club varieties now account for 10 per cent of Australia’s total production, according to Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) technical manager Angus Crawford, with the most popular being Kanzi and Jazz apples.

He expects that figure will continue to grow, as older varieties like Sundowner and Fuji fall out of favour with consumers.

But are the new varieties a lifesaver for a struggling industry, or just an added risk?

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