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NZ Police are back with a new, hilarious recruitment video with a diverse cast that proves that no question posed is too trivial. Via Stuff:

She walked into the Hamilton police station malnourished and abused.

At the age of 18, she’d endured daily beatings from her boyfriend for four or five years.

The constant physical and mental persecution had taken a toll and she decided to seek help.

Constable Sameera Nugegoda was there to take her statement. He sat her down on one of the grey couches in a small interview room tucked down the corridor of the Bridge St station where the tale of abuse began to unravel.

“She just broke down and told me the whole story,” the 29-year-old frontline officer says.

“I couldn’t believe it. She was a young girl of 18 who had her whole life ahead of her. This was not a typical job.”

Nugegoda helped her seek refuge and built a file of abuse that later saw the perpetrator jailed.

In his 19 months on the force, it’s the most “heinous” yet rewarding job he’s done. “In the end she called me later to thank me for helping her.”

On Wednesday police released a new recruitment video “Breaking News” answering questions of potential recruits including whether you can have tattoos, a full driver’s licence and be able to swim.

Those recruits will help fill the 1800 officers the Government has committed to funding in the next three years.

“We hope this video will dispel some of the myths and show people that we want to recruit New Zealanders with a variety of backgrounds,” Police deputy chief executive of people and capability Kaye Ryan said.

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