Amazing Braille Levis Ad

This amazing Levis ad features the use of Braille on their customisable denim — and a heartwarming story about a father’s love for his son. Via Esquire:

Every so often, the Filipino public gets a dose of some heartwarming, intentionally tearjerky advertising materials—almost as if they’re part of some tradition. They usually come in the form of a video or a short film, with a sad or poignant or beautiful story to tell about love or family. But always, it seems like the goal is to bore a hole into the left side of your chest and empty its contents onto your office desk while you look around to see if anyone can hear your uncontrollable sobbing. I’m not crying—you’re crying!

And if the persistence of this type of advertising is proof of anything at all, it’s that Filipinos love getting our heartstrings plucked. Ads that resonate in a sentimental way are obviously quite effective in these parts. Maybe they get us to buy french fries or hamburgers or hand soap or maternal milk, because we keep seeing ones that seem to have that same intention.

The latest of this lot is, if you would believe, an ad for a denim jacket. And not just any denim jacket—it’s an ad for the denim jacket.

The Levi’s Trucker Jacket, a straightforward take on the Type-3 by the brand that basically invented blue jeans, is right up there beside the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star in the pantheon of all-American menswear icons. To bolster its Trucker Jacket customization campaign and its headlong push into the Christmas season, Levi’s Philippines just dropped an ad that shoots straight for the heart.

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