Drones Saving Wildlife

This video about drones saving wildlife was made by Andy Fackrell and Sam Coleman of Giant Films to raise awareness about the poaching crisis. Via Lonely Planet:

A stunning short film has been produced that highlights that role of drone technology in the war against the poaching of Africa’s wildlife. Over and Above Africa, a Los Angeles charity, collaborated with writer Andy Fackrell and director Sam Coleman to create the 90-second film called “A Guardian,” to demonstrate how drones can help protect endangered animal groups. The video is completely shot by drone and it shows amazing aerial footage of the movement of groups of wild animals in their natural habitat. As the groups are featured, they are captioned with their respective and charming collective nouns, so we get to see a dazzle of zebras, an implausibility of gnus and a wobble of ostriches.

While that’s adorable, the film takes a sinister turn when ‘a gang’ of poachers is tracked on the drone’s night vision camera. It shows the poachers armed with weapons fanning out in the game reserves, and then cuts to the remains of young elephants, presumably butchered for their ivory tusks. All of Africa’s animal groups are threatened by poaching,” the film says. “Drone surveillance increases their chance of survival by 80%.

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