Bill Nye x Starbucks

Bill Nye in partnership with Starbucks? You’d think that’s a weird match-up, but I guess even famous scientists like ad money. Via FastCompany:

Turns out the reason it looks like a Guinness and tastes like velvet isn’t magic but, of course, SCIENCE (like everything else in the universe). The four-minute video breaks down how and why the tiny nitrogen bubbles affect the coffee the way they do. He also says “whoa” a lot.

This isn’t the first time Nye has been enlisted for commercial purposes. Back in 1997 he appeared in an ad for the Smithsonian, and 20 years after that, it was a Super Bowl spot for Persil detergent.

Nye’s caffeinated science class is part of a larger “Whoa, Nitro” campaign, created by Starbucks’ in-house creative studio and agency Big Spaceship.

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