Mountain Goat IPA

Mountain Goat IPA had a series of hilarious ads during the Melbourne International Film Festival, which shows what you can do with a low budget. These are their earlier ads: they have a 2019 campaign with The Monkeys in Sydney, featuring a goat call center:

Australian brewer Mountain Goat has launched GOAT Lager, an uncomplicated, very enjoyable craft beer with an interactive campaign – ’13GOAT’, developed by The Monkeys Melbourne, part of Accenture Interactive.

To put the brewer on the big stage, The Monkeys built on the tongue-in-cheek tone of Mountain Goat and created something crucial to the success of every big brand: a call centre. The only difference being 13GOAT is run by who else, but the goats themselves.

Part giveaway mechanic, part customer service centre, 13GOAT is a call centre run by goats whose sole purpose is to give away a year of very enjoyable GOAT beer, or a trip to the GOAT brewery in Melbourne.

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