Birds of Prey

The lead Birds of Prey single is out, and it looks great. For those unaware, this upcoming film is part of the DC universe…ish. Via Screenrant:

Harley Quinn originated on Batman: The Animated Series, voiced by Arleen Sorkin. Harley proved so popular, however, that she made the jump to the comics in 1993. She has since been adapted multiple times – most noticeably by Margot Robbie in 2016’s Suicide Squad and, recently, by Kaley Cuoco in DC Universe’s animated comedy series, Harley Quinn. Although Suicide Squad was met with an underwhelming reception, Robbie was widely praised for her performance. As such, a self-produced, more female-centric follow-up was greenlit. The second Birds of Prey trailer further emphasized that Harley will attempt to forge her own identity after parting ways with The Joker.

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