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Budweiser highlights its disaster relief efforts this year for its Superbowl ad. A Superbowl without its iconic Clydesdale horses? Aww. Via Adweek:

Over the last 30 years, Budweiser has donated 79 million cans of water to disaster relief. Last year alone, Budweiser donated three million cans of water to disaster relief for people in need in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and California. That relief program is the focus of the beer brand’s 60-second Super Bowl spot, from creative agency David Miami.

“This year we wanted to use our Super Bowl time not only to entertain but also to bring a message that is really [about] purpose and to celebrate, of course, our incredible employees,” said Ricardo Marques, vp of marketing for Budweiser. “The people that you see in the spot are working for the company. There are 23 employees featured including of course Kevin Fahrenkrog, general manager of the Cartersville, Ga. brewery.”

The spot features a cover of the song “Stand By Me” by Skylar Grey (when people download Skylar Grey’s song, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross) which underscores the company’s message that it is committed to the relief program and will continue to provide emergency water for those in need. This year, Budweiser decided to add its Fort Collins, Co. brewery to its emergency water program so that it could provide water more quickly.

The company declined to say how much the program costs, instead referring Adweek to the number of cans it donated last year.

“We believe the Super Bowl will be the right stage to send this message and to reaffirm our commitment to this effort,” said Marques.

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