Burger King Brazil

Burger King Brazil has launched a new campaign featuring a blind person, Eduardo, who describes the sandwiches through touch. Via Adweek:

Burger King’s latest Brazilian ad finds a unique way to showcase those senses while also promoting inclusion for people with disabilities. Ad agency David SP in São Paulo cast Eduardo, a blind man, to describe the sandwiches through touch.

His descriptions bring the burgers to life as he calls the double cheddar a “cheddar explosion” and describes the buns as “soft sesame bread.” Additionally, the 30-second spot allows Eduardo’s personality to shine, including a couple of lines that may turn some heads. Arguably the most important part of this ad is the beginning. The audio description at the beginning sets the scene for visually-impaired viewers. This is a permanent service on Secondary Audio Programming, or SAP, which helps people get an idea of the visual cues happening during a show. For this ad, BK instead opts to make the audio description a primary feature. Additionally, captions throughout the ad are in place to help those with hearing issues.

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