Mustard ice cream campaign? OK.

French’s has made mustard ice cream for its customers, which I presume nobody actually asked for. Since it went viral, it’s good marketing…? Via CNN:

Another strangely specific national day for food is upon us. And the honoree, a condiment frequently found at barbecues and baseball games, is taking over the ice cream shop.
For Saturday’s National Mustard Day, French’s has unveiled a yellow mustard-flavored ice cream, available for a limited time at Coolhaus ice cream stores. What mustard did to deserve its own frozen dessert remains to be seen.
The company said it created the Frankenfood to “bring together two all-American classics, ice cream and mustard.” But do the two belong together? That’s for the taster to decide.
Coolhaus will scoop the mustardy dessert at locations in New York from Thursday through Saturday, in California from Friday through Sunday and three days next week. Sorry, Chicagoans, you’ll have to get your mustard fix on hot dogs. Or just freeze the stuff.
Brave customers will receive a pretzel cookie with their purchase in what can only be assumed to be a much-needed palate cleanser.

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