Kids for Privacy by the Child Rescue Coalition

Parents, stop putting naked pictures and videos of your kids on social media. Kids for Privacy is a new campaign by the Child Rescue Coalition, aimed at retaking hundreds of hashtags on social media. Via The Drum:

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Child Rescue Coalition has created a campaign with David&Goliath to educate parents about overexposing their kids on social media.

The pro bono campaign uses popular hashtags parents often use when posting innocent pictures of their children, but puts a twist on them by having kids pose with signs saying ‘Privacy Please’ over their faces.

The movement, launching today (April 3), comes from the ‘sharenting’ trend of parents sharing their kids’ pictures on Instagram using hashtags like #pottytraining, #nakedkids and #kidsbathing. While this might seem cute it overexposes children by showcasing private moments that shouldn’t be shared with a large audience, making them vulnerable to pedophiles and sex offenders. Specifically, the 100-plus hashtags parents used in these situations serve as flags on social media leading predators to pictures of children.

The Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) is a nonprofit organization that enables law enforcement to track, arrest and prosecute child predators.

As part of the campaign, David&Goliath also created a 60-second video that is narrated by a child and explains the initiative from their point of view. In addition, D&G created an educational hub on Instagram called @KidsForPrivacy where parents can learn about the dangers of overexposing theirs kids on social media and get tips on how to protect their kids’ privacy online.

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