Chris Evans and Hyundai

Chris Evans has been tapped by Hyundai for their Superbowl 2020 ad featuring their new car’s smart parking technology. It’s a little silly. The Boston Globe had a comment about the script:

But there’s a brief moment in the 60-second spot that’s been a sticking point for at least some locals — one that mercifully isn’t centered on an actor’s poor attempt at a Boston accent.

Viewers have been weighing in on the use of the word “wicked,” which gets tossed around in the ad in a way that Boston ears might find, well, wicked awkward.

“Wicked is not an adjective, it’s an adverb,” one person pointed out, after the South Korean car manufacturer unveiled the commercial online this week. “Wicked awesome, wicked cold. Nothing is just ‘wicked.’ ”

The ad, released Monday and slated for the first quarter of the game, highlights the 2020 Sonata’s “Remote Smart Parking Assist” feature. Or, as they call it in the commercial, “Smaht Pahk.”

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