Porsche Superbowl 2020

The Porsche Superbowl 2020 ad looks like a trailer for a Fast and the Furious film… in a good way. Silly ending, but a fun watch that introduces its new electric car in a cool way. Watching the start of the ad, we were all “There’s no way you can steal a Porsche like that, it’d be too loud!” Curious about the cars involved? Motortrend has you covered:

Porsche’s first Super Bowl commercial in more than two decades is an epic ode to the brand’s past, present, and future. With its opening scene taking place within the halls of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, the ad is chock full of great Porsches—including one unreleased model that was included as an Easter egg.

Yet, the 60-second spot, which previews a longer, 151-second online ad, ultimately puts the spotlight on 10 specific Porsches, each of which represents an important moment in the brand’s history. Read through to find out what makes these vehicles so special to the German automaker.

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