Rick and Morty for Pringles?

Rick and Morty were in a Superbowl ad for Pringles? Wha? It’s a hilarious, very self-referential ad… much like the cartoon itself, and yes, there’s going to be an actual physical Pringle collaboration. Via CNN:

It’s a pickle — or, rather, a pickle-inspired chip.
For the third year in a row, Pringles is going all-in for its Super Bowl ad, and this time the crunch connoisseurs are giving a strange nod to the Adult Swim show “Rick and Morty” with a “Pickle Rick” chip and animated commercial.
Who is Pickle Rick, you may ask? He’s the vegetable reincarnation of “Rick and Morty”‘s wacky scientist Rick Sanchez, who turns himself into a talking pickle to avoid going to family therapy in Episode 3 of Season 3.
To honor the show’s intensely enthusiastic fan base, Adult Swim will create a “humorous, mind-bending animated spot” to air during the second quarter of the big game, says Pringles parent company, Kellogg.
And starting in early February, you’ll be able to pick up Pickle Rick chips in grocery stores nationwide.
Until then, the taste profile of the special-edition chip will remain a mystery, and we are left puzzling over what, exactly, Pickle Rick tastes like.

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