Chuck Norris Overshadowed by a Truck

The internet-famous, inestimable Chuck Norris is overshadowed by a truck in this hilarious Toyota ad for the new Toyota Tacoma. Via Motor1:

Chuck Norris and his famous beard star in a new ad for the Toyota Tacoma. With just his autograph on the fender, the midsized pickup takes on Norris’ strengths as an action movie star. The Tacoma is famous for its strength as an off-roader but don’t ever expect it to be tough enough to spawn a meme as famous as Chuck Norris Facts, like “Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.”

Once Norris’ signature is on the truck, the Tacoma can leap into action. It starts out be doing donuts where the tire marks draw a picture of his face. Then, the Toyota starts helping people. First, it saves a park ranger by shooting a rope out of the center of the grille, and Toyota feels the need to display the message, “Magic winch not available.” Later, the pickup saves a falling construction worker and gets a kid’s football out of a tree. When not saving lives, the Tacoma is surfing, dancing, winning at chess, and getting into a street fight.

At the end, we see that Norris’ agent has replaced the actor with the Tacoma. Keep an eye at the background for a Tacoma Thunder poster that cleverly evokes the art from the VHS covers for many of Norris’ action movies in the 1980s.

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