Creating Viserion's Roar

A behind the scenes video shows the surprising source behind Viserion’s undead roar on Game of Thrones — it was made out of fans’ cries. Via Gizmodo:

Viserion’s resurrection as the icy plaything of the Night King in Game of Thrones’ season seven finale left us with many questions over the last year or so… mainly because we’ve had over a year of waiting for more Thrones, and have even more left to go.

So we’re gonna pass that time by wondering about ice-fire breath, dragon physics, and yes, what bizarre sounds go into making something so impossibly fantastical sound real. Including remembering that Viserion’s undead wails during his horrifying return at the end of the last season included the cries of some extremely drunk Game of Thrones fans.

Thrones sound designer Paula Fairfield already revealed that delightful tidbit to Vanity Fair in the wake of last year’s monumental season finale. But one of the fans that actually helped form the crowd of drunken screaming used for Viserion’s cries — an attendee, alongside Fairfield, of the Burlington Bar in Chicago’s regular Game of Thrones viewing parties — recently spoke to Winter is Coming about how the bizarre scenario came about. And it sounds like it was a lot of fun.

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