Domino’s and Risky Business

Jordan Fisher recreates the dance from Risky Business for Domino’s, highlighting their new delivery alerts and GPS tracker. You’d think it isn’t new technology, given UberEats has been doing it for a while, but welp. Via AL:

Apparently, customers have been asking the pizza chain for exactly this type of head’s up on their cell phones, so they’re not greeting the driver en deshabille. (“We heard that from so many consumers,” Kate Trumbull, VP of advertising and Hispanic marketing at Domino’s, told a reporter from Ad Age.)

“Fisher reprises the scene from the 1983 film ‘Risky Business,’ when Cruise’s character Joel dances to ‘Old Time Rock & Roll,’ wearing little more than a pink dress shirt,” Ad Age says. “Domino’s and its agency CP&B did their best to match details from the film, even conducting a search for a house with a similar staircase for the shoot.”

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