The Expanse Season 3

The trailer for Season 3 of the Hugo Award-winning SFF series The Expanse is out! This looks like it takes place within late book 2. Via the Verge:

The Syfy channel has released the first full trailer for its upcoming third season of The Expanse, teasing a solar system on the verge of all-out war between Earth, Mars, and the residents of outer planets.

Last month, the channel released a brief teaser that revealed that the show would return in April, and hinted that the crew of the Rosinante will have to come to terms with their various past mistakes as war looms. This new trailer shows off a bit more of what to expect: the crew dealing with the knowledge that one of their own, Belter Naomi Nagata handing over a sample of an alien protomolecule to the leader of the Outer Planets Alliance. That protomolecule substance was used in the show’s first season to kill the entire population of an asteroid station, and later for a humanoid super-soldier that attacked a group of Martian Marines in season 2, enflaming tensions between the solar system’s various nations.

Those tensions look as though they’re going to spill over into violence next season. There’s some glimpses of some intense-looking space battles, the threat of a wider release of the protomolecule weapons, and a grim Captain Jim Holden saying that they “just declared war on Earth.” In the mix is the crew’s search for Mei Meng, a young girl who went missing on Ganymede who might be tied in with the program that created the protomolecule weapons. From the looks of things, the next season will finish up adapting the remainder of Caliban’s War, the second novel in the series.

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