Geico Interrupts Pre-rolls

Geico has had a great run of funny pre-roll ads that really make use of the time constraints to get their message out in a hilarious way. The latest set, also by the Martin Agency, is about Geico interrupting its own ads. Via Adweek:

The earlier “Unskippable,” “Fast Forward” and “Crushed” campaigns tried to give the viewer a better preroll experience. “Interrupt-a-palooza” does, too—but in a way that amplifies the normally most annoying aspect of the form. You still have to sit through the 15 seconds, but at least you get a bit of subversive, meta comedy along the way.

“In the previous three rounds of pre-roll work, we played with the concept of time. First by skipping to the end, then fast-forwarding through the middle, and last year, condensing our ads,” says creative director Neel Williams. “This year, we took a different approach, but still kept things very self-aware. Rather than apologize for the interruption, we thought it would be fun to lean into it.”

“Getting interrupted before watching an online video is not exactly a Ferris wheel ride,” adds associate creative director Mauricio Mazzariol. “So, these new Interrupt-a-palooza ads are supposed to bring some humor to the issue by embracing the disruptive nature of pre-roll and taking it to a whole new level.”

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