Intermarche – C'est Magnifique

Intermarche’s new ad, C’est Magnifique, is a short film where an old widower poignantly remembers the dead through food — and the help of the supermarket. Via The Stable:

An ad agency called Romance should create beautiful love stories. The French ad agency called Romance has been doing so since 2017. Creating beautiful love stories, fro French supermarket chain, Intermarché.

The emotional power cells all have the same aim, to encourage people to eat better and cook healthier food. This one is the three-minute story of a widower who undergoes a quest to recreate his wife’s pasta sauce when he finds her old recipe book – replacing the processed ham and cheese sandwiches he has been eating.

Adding to the film’s magic is a cover of Cole Porter’s famous American song, C’est Magnifique, by French singer, Benjamin Biolay. The gorgeous, cinematic quality of the film, and evocative product scenes, comes from director, Katia Lewkowicz, via Grand Bazar.

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