Love is Blind

You might have seen people discussing Love is Blind, Netflix’s rather dystopian take on the dating show format. Haven’t heard of it? Read on. Via Vanity Fair:

Somewhere around hour six of Love Is Blind, I worried I’d lost all perspective on reality. Netflix’s smash-hit dating show begins as an easily dismissed pseudo experiment: a group of single 20- and 30-somethings, mostly straight, first get to know potential mates while lounging in individual “pods”, with a wall between them (just like in The Fantasticks!). Good looks and whatever other aesthetic concerns are out of the equation; these relationships are based on the true connection of conversation. (It does help, though, that everyone is good-looking.) Things get less theoretical and more actual when, after only a week or so, several of the couples get engaged sight unseen, only meeting face to face after the first proposal, then embarking on a fraught month of cohabitation on the way to a quickie wedding.

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