Lurpak Softest with Smooth

Lurpak has such beautiful food ads, courtesy of W+K. This latest one is inspired by the fact that a lot of home cooks get their butter right out of the fridge without waiting for it to soften first. Via Adweek:

While Danish butter brand Lurpak seems to focus its ads at kitchen casuals, hoping to get them more hands-on with their food, the spots also are always a hit with culinary connoisseurs who think of cooking in terms of textures, sounds and seemingly magical transformations.

It’s a rare skill, being able to hit potential customers on both ends of the confidence spectrum, but the brand pulls it off thanks to continually stellar creative from Wieden + Kennedy London.

In the years-long campaign’s newest spot, we see a morning routine reborn as a perspective-shifting progression of food prep alongside the usual scramble of getting out the door. The point? Even a quick cooking experience can be a sight to behold.

The spot (like the product itself) was inspired by the fact that many home cooks use butter right after grabbing it from the fridge, meaning that an easily spreadable butter can make things a bit easier when you’re on the go.

“Research shows that 92 percent of consumers spread butter straight from the fridge so we really wanted to address the issue of spreadability, which we know is a barrier to purchase,” said Lucy Hurrell-Morgan, brand manager for Lurpak, in announcing the new product last month. “With the new recipe we have created for Lurpak Softest, we can tap in to the increasing consumer demand for convenience, but with the taste and naturalness of butter.”

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