Pro Infirmis Everyone is Equal

Top Swiss disability advocacy group Pro Infirmis has a new campaign titled “Everyone is equal. No one is more equal” which focuses on challenges. Via AdAge:

Much to their chagrin, people with disabilities are just like everyone else. Because when life gets complicated or just really frustrating, we all respond in similar ways–often by swearing loudly.

A new short film for Swiss disability advocacy group Pro Infirmis shows the recognizable and relatable ways people with different disabilities deal with the indignities of everyday life–just as everyone else does. They struggle with poorly-stocked public toilets, weak grocery bags, dog poop. Who hasn’t left a red sock in with the wash and gotten pink laundry they hadn’t anticipated?

When a man fights a losing battle with a vending machine, the length of his arms is an unimportant detail. And a woman with only one leg has the worst luck with dresses–whether they’re covered in pasta sauce or turn out not to be one-of-a-kind at the gala.

The spot was created by agency Thjnk Zurich and directed by American Jon Barber. It’s a departure from Pro Infirmis’ best known work, “Because who is perfect?”–a tearjerker with an empowerment theme. Thirteen people with disabilities star in the latest film, which was shot over three days. It’s backed by longtime activist Harry Belafonte’s 1957 song “Jump Down, Spin Around,” which the singer himself authorized for use in the project.

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