Our Goal is Now and the Matildas

The Australian Womens Football (Soccer) team, the Matildas, may have crashed out of the World Cup. Their push for pay parity remains. This hasn’t been new — Ada Hegerberg, the world’s best womens football player, sat out the World Cup in pay protest. Via the Sydney Morning Herald:

Hegerberg is a wonderful talent who scored 38 goals in 16 appearances for her country before quitting two years ago.

She has taken the opposite view to Kerr where the fight for better pay, conditions, and recognition for the national team is concerned by boycotting the whole business and concentrating on her day job, playing for European champions Lyon, where she, too, is well looked after financially.

Norwegians now shrug about her non-participation. They have got used to it but the rest of the world, given the focus on the Women’s World Cup, is only now waking up to her non-appearance.

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