Way to the Woods

Way to the Woods is a beautiful game whose railer premiered at E3 2019. It’s the brainchild of a 20-year-old game developer from Melbourne. Via Sydney Morning Herald:

Anthony Tan, a 20-year-old game developer from Melbourne, watched Microsoft’s pre-E3 Xbox briefing earlier this week with bated breath.

Like more than a million people around the world, he saw the company highlight 60 games over more than and hour and a half. And there, between 12 minutes and Microsoft’s own Gears 5, there was a minute-long trailer for a game about a pair of deer collecting light and avoiding wolves in a mysterious world. The game Anthony Tan has been working on for years.

“Dude it was insane for me,” he says of seeing his work on the massive screen at Microsoft Theatre in LA.

“To see, like, Keanu Reeves, Halo, Gears of War, and then just see my little deer game. It was surreal. Felt like a dream.”

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