A Pizza Farm And Other Jokes

Nick Offerman’s been on a roll. In his entertaining new PSA for kids, Nick Offerman shows people around his ‘pizza farm’:

The ad is a parody, aimed at getting Congress to approve the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, produced by the American Heart Association and comedy website Funny or Die. According to TIME:

The TV star’s spurious claims are supposed to mock the special interest groups pushing to repeal school lunch regulations promoted by First Lady Michelle Obama that require serving more fruits and vegetables and whole-grain-rich products as Congress considers whether to reauthorize them when they expire in September.

The Act looks to benefit low-income children, ensuring that they can participate in child nutrition programs, including:

Expanding the Afterschool Meal Program to all 50 states;
Supporting improvements to direct certification for school meals and other strategies to reduce red tape in helping children obtain school meals;
Allowing state WIC agencies the option to certify children for up to one year;
Mandating WIC electronic benefit transfer (EBT) implementation nationwide by October 1, 2020;
Improving area eligibility rules so more family child care homes can use the CACFP program;
Enhancing the nutritional quality of food served in school-based and preschool settings; and
Making “competitive foods” offered or sold in schools more nutritious.

One of those few celebrities guaranteed to go viral, Nick’s had some amazing vids under his belt, including this hilarious Superbowl NASCAR ad:


… and his Movember how-to video with Made Man:

Looking forward to more!

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