Before Photoshop…

…there was Letraset. In celebration of 25 years of Photoshop, Lynda released a video of Sean Adams, showing us how to mock up a layout using traditional tools:

If you liked that video, there are other great 25th anniversary videos out there, including this CreativeLive video of Photoshop experts, trying their hand at using Photoshop 1.0:

We are very grateful that Photoshop can now undo more than once.

For more tributes, check out Lynda. More about the program:

Adobe Photoshop, the industry-standard image editor and home of the PSD document format, started life back in the late eighties when PhD student Thomas Knoll was working on his thesis – a work detailing the processing of digital images. This work evolved and in 1987 Thomas proceeded to develop an image-processing program for his Mac.

This application was created to work with greyscale images, and over a short period of time Thomas developed it further, adding new digital editing processes. It didn’t take long before his brother John Knoll was intrigued by the program, dubbed Display.

John, who was working at George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, suggested to his brother that they turned Display into a more feature-rich fully-fledged image editing program. From here the two worked together, combining Thomas’ engineering background with the design experience of his brother.

By 1988 the program had changed dramatically, with a whole host of new features and some name changes, first to ImagePro, then to Photoshop. The Knolls decided to give the project another six months, complete a beta and attempt to sell it commercially with the help of the big guns in Silicon Valley.

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