Adobe and Infringement

By Anya Ow / June 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Adobe and Infringement

I just got an email from @Adobe that I'm no longer allowed to use the software that I'm paying for. Time to cancel my subscription I guess. Share plz. — Matt Roszak 🍞 (@KupoGames) May 10, 2019 Adobe programs are to creatives what a tennis racquet is for Roger Federer, if there was only […]

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Zara Rebrands, And Other Scary Stories

By Anya Ow / February 23, 2019 / Comments Off on Zara Rebrands, And Other Scary Stories

If you’re mired in the particularly tiny, shiny bubble of the internet populated by designers, you might have noticed that Zara has rebranded. Rebrands aren’t unusual nowadays, particularly for fashion brands. Instead of taking the usual step of rebranding into a featureless sans-serif, Zara chose instead to move to a more beautiful, taller serif that […]

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Remix Culture and Advertising

By Anya Ow / February 16, 2019 / Comments Off on Remix Culture and Advertising

Near the Christmas break, I participated in a black market exchange. It did not involve drugs. I’d become a fan of a Chinese web novel with a multi-part animated series that had amassed a considerable following of fans. This meant fanwork being produced at fan conventions, where rows of booths sell fanart, pins, and other […]

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Weird Stuff

By Anya Ow / July 6, 2018 / Comments Off on Weird Stuff

I’m in the snacks aisle of the Asian grocery in Melbourne Central. I love Asian groceries — the high-end Japanese ones, like the one on Smith Street, the Grand Central Station super-busy ones, like Great Eastern on Russell Street in Chinatown, even the dodgy dystopian car park vibe ones, like the no-name one on Little […]

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so you want to rebrand

So You Want to Rebrand

By Anya Ow / June 23, 2018 / Comments Off on So You Want to Rebrand

You’re a 60-year-old much-loved American pancakes chain that happens to sell other stuff. This includes a new menu item, the steak burger, even though you’ve been serving classic burgers for a while. You decide to rebrand with a name and logo change, and that’s when the sh*t really hits the fan. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably […]

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Why Man Creates

By Anya Ow / August 24, 2015 / Comments Off on Why Man Creates

Good morning Monday! Here’s a 1968 short film by legendary designer Saul Bass, ‘Why Man Creates’, for some start of the week inspiration. 🙂 Via OpenCulture: An eight-part meditation on the nature of creativity, the film mixes animation and live action, using Bass’ advanced repertoire of optical techniques, to look at the issues surrounding how […]

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Starship Financial Calendar 2015-2016

By Anya Ow / August 12, 2015 / Comments Off on Starship Financial Calendar 2015-2016

Here’s a hump day freebie – Starship’s Financial Calendar for 2015-2016! Enjoy 🙂 Download the Financial Calendar Printable version Screen version Where did you guys get the dates? From the ATO, among others. It’s a schedule of key upcoming economic events in Australia that may be relevant to your business. Dates may be subject to […]

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#FlashBackFriday – Hats and Psychographics

By Anya Ow / July 31, 2015 / Comments Off on #FlashBackFriday – Hats and Psychographics

For our #FlashBackFriday, here’s the Captain of the Starship, Geoffrey Bowll, and his serious hat game, talking psychographics in 2008. From our 2013 post on the topic: We are different people at different times. When you’re playing soccer with your mates for a 40th birthday at 7am, that’s you being ‘Mr sporty/blokey/modern’. When you’re eating […]

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Before Photoshop…

By Anya Ow / July 22, 2015 / Comments Off on Before Photoshop…

…there was Letraset. In celebration of 25 years of Photoshop, Lynda released a video of Sean Adams, showing us how to mock up a layout using traditional tools: If you liked that video, there are other great 25th anniversary videos out there, including this CreativeLive video of Photoshop experts, trying their hand at using Photoshop […]

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