Post-Apocalyptic Epoch

In Epoch, a short film by Rich Lee and Christopher Probst, a lone woman searches for survivors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Via Short of the Week:

Approached by Jarred Land, President at Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, to put their Monstro 8K camera through it’s paces, director of photography Christopher Probst decided to put it through some strenuous testing by using it in “several varied lighting conditions and harsh production environments”. The result is Epoch, a visually impressive science-fiction/horror short, Land made with long-term collaborator Rich Lee.

If you’re reading the log line for Epoch and thinking it sounds like something you’ve seen before, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Narratively, Lee’s 14-minute film isn’t the most original, although considering it started off as a project to test a camera, it’s got a lot more story than you might expect.

A little slow in starting, Epoch follows a lone survivor across a post-apocalyptic wasteland as she searches for supplies, though the short picks up pace and delivers a strong twist in its final third, you can’t help but feel like this is a journey you’ve experienced before.

Where Epoch excels though is in its aesthetic. Visually the film is outstanding and the sense of scale Lee, Land and their crew achieve with their world building is akin to what you might expect to find in a feature film.

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