Royal Wedding Corgi Activation

A Royal Wedding Corgi brand activation? Yes please. You might not care very much about the latest British royal shenanigans, but corgis are cute. A breed that’s famously the favourite of the Queen, this brand activation was in NYC, promoting the upcoming Harry x Megan film. Sadly, in April, the Queen lost her last corgi, prompting an internet outpouring of sadness. Via TIME:

Queen Elizabeth lost the last of her beloved corgi dogs this weekend.

Willow, who was nearly 15 years old, was put down after a lengthy struggle with cancer, according to reports in the U.K. press.

This marks the end of the monarch’s longstanding tradition – the first time Her Majesty hasn’t had a corgi in her household since World War II. The Queen, 91, is well known for her love of corgis and has bred them for nearly eight decades.

The Queen and her canine companions feature prominently Netflix’s buzzy show The Crown.

Monty Roberts, a former royal family advisor told Vanity Fair she didn’t want to have any more young dogs after 2012 because she didn’t want to “leave any behind.”

Before celebrity dogs of Instagram were earning more money than humans, Willow was world-famous. You may have spotted the dog alongside Holly, another one of the Queen’s corgis, in the opening sketch at the 2012 London Olympic Games with a slightly more famous Brit – James Bond.

Willow also was part of the Queen’s official 90th birthday portrait in 2016. The palace has not yet commented.

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