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Convenience and the Environment

July 27, 2019

As the general public grows increasingly engaged in a weird mea culpa over plastic straws — nevermind that plastic straws are only a tiny part of the problem and that people with disabilities need them — in Melbourne, I can sip my overpriced orange juice at a cafe with my steel straw and pretend that …

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Product Placement

June 15, 2019

I’m going to assume that you’ve watched the latest, too-long instalment in the never-ending money-printing franchise called the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, I’m talking about Avengers: Endgame. If you haven’t seen it — this article will contain a minor spoiler for the film, so proceed on your own risk. Still reading on? Good. Full disclosure: …

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So You Want to Rebrand

June 23, 2018

You’re a 60-year-old much-loved American pancakes chain that happens to sell other stuff. This includes a new menu item, the steak burger, even though you’ve been serving classic burgers for a while. You decide to rebrand with a name and logo change, and that’s when the sh*t really hits the fan. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably …

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The New Retail World

March 30, 2018

It’s a new retail world out there. When was the last time you went to a mall? Not just popping through to catch a movie, pick up some sushi or grab something from Coles, but to actually shop? That’s right. You have to have an actual think about it, don’t you? The days when people …

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