KimOhNo and Other Stories

By Anya Ow / July 6, 2019 / Comments Off on KimOhNo and Other Stories

I don’t actually keep up with the Kardashians. If I ran into them in the street, I probably wouldn’t recognise them. I don’t listen to Kanye’s music, and I don’t watch reality TV. Annoyingly enough, they’re still ubiquitous in the popular zeitgeist. In other words, the twittersphere keeps trying to cram details of their life […]

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james bond product placement

Product Placement

By Anya Ow / June 15, 2019 / Comments Off on Product Placement

I’m going to assume that you’ve watched the latest, too-long instalment in the never-ending money-printing franchise called the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, I’m talking about Avengers: Endgame. If you haven’t seen it — this article will contain a minor spoiler for the film, so proceed on your own risk. Still reading on? Good. Full disclosure: […]

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Zara Rebrands, And Other Scary Stories

By Anya Ow / February 23, 2019 / Comments Off on Zara Rebrands, And Other Scary Stories

If you’re mired in the particularly tiny, shiny bubble of the internet populated by designers, you might have noticed that Zara has rebranded. Rebrands aren’t unusual nowadays, particularly for fashion brands. Instead of taking the usual step of rebranding into a featureless sans-serif, Zara chose instead to move to a more beautiful, taller serif that […]

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TV vs Digital Advertising

By Anya Ow / September 8, 2018 / Comments Off on TV vs Digital Advertising

Here in Starship, we listen to a lot of podcasts. The creative director likes a mix of American politics and true crime, our social media manager’s trying out Serial, and I’m more of a law/politics person. Unless it’s Game of Thrones season, then it’s Game of Thrones all the way. Pity we’ll have to wait […]

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The Dark Side of Stock Imagery

By Anya Ow / September 1, 2018 / Comments Off on The Dark Side of Stock Imagery

If you’ve been hanging around the ad agency echelons of Twitter, you’d have seen this thread: So today I’m going to tell you the story of How I Ended Up with my Face On a McDonald’s Advert in China – A Cautionary Tale. Six or so years ago, a friend in Canada posted a pic […]

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Weird Stuff

By Anya Ow / July 6, 2018 / Comments Off on Weird Stuff

I’m in the snacks aisle of the Asian grocery in Melbourne Central. I love Asian groceries — the high-end Japanese ones, like the one on Smith Street, the Grand Central Station super-busy ones, like Great Eastern on Russell Street in Chinatown, even the dodgy dystopian car park vibe ones, like the no-name one on Little […]

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so you want to rebrand

So You Want to Rebrand

By Anya Ow / June 23, 2018 / Comments Off on So You Want to Rebrand

You’re a 60-year-old much-loved American pancakes chain that happens to sell other stuff. This includes a new menu item, the steak burger, even though you’ve been serving classic burgers for a while. You decide to rebrand with a name and logo change, and that’s when the sh*t really hits the fan. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably […]

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Branding What Brands Believe In

By Anya Ow / May 5, 2018 / Comments Off on Branding What Brands Believe In

You’re browsing Facebook. Or the news. You see a dense, defensive paragraph that may or may not be apologetic, followed by a statement that runs something like “SmartyPantsCompany stands for diversity, inclusivity, friendship, everyone, bears, puppies, and world peace”. You think: now what? Some piece of tone-deaf advertising’s gone viral? CEO said something he shouldn’t? […]

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brand your land

Brand Your Land

By Gavel Markowski / September 30, 2016 / 1 Comment

The following discussion is about how to build a brand for big property development. What to do, when, and why.

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How to Advance your Marketing Career

By Gavel Markowski / October 16, 2013 / 0 Comments

You walk in to the office. You’re a minute or so late. You’re hot and bothered from racing to get there. Your feet hurt already. The coffee machine is broken, so you can’t have one. You get to your desk. There’s a yellow sticky note on your PC that asks you to come to a […]

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