Why is a Robot a Better Doctor?

By Anya Ow / February 24, 2018 / Comments Off on Why is a Robot a Better Doctor?

If you are a medico, read this and get ready for unemployment. You might even want to cancel your new Maserati. Medical Doctors are no doubt one of the most vulnerable professions during the rise of the robots. All your usual diagnostic methods, like temperature, heart, blood checks, eye and skin observations, all could be […]

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The New Trailer Frontier

By Anya Ow / July 17, 2015 / Comments Off on The New Trailer Frontier

…is a 360º interactive Youtube trailer for the upcoming Warcraft film. Titled Skies of Azeroth, it lets you fly across Stormwind, one of the cities in the Warcraft universe, on the back of the gryphon, and it’s amazing. Check it out on Chrome or on your mobile devices (phone/ipad/etc): Created by Industrial Light and Magic, […]

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Printable Latte Art

By Anya Ow / July 14, 2015 / Comments Off on Printable Latte Art

Because why not. You might as well have the absolutely fully branded coffeeshop experience, with printable latte art. Print on the branding, for maximum hipster! Ripples is an ingenious mix of an inkjet and a 3D printer, using tiny little coffee drops to make up an image. How it works: With the Ripple Maker you’ll […]

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Underwater Greenhouses

By Anya Ow / July 10, 2015 / Comments Off on Underwater Greenhouses

These immersed biospheres – effectively underwater greenhouses – are 20 feet underwater, anchored offshore in Italy, taking advantage of the sea’s constant underwater climate to grow crops. ‘Nemo’s Garden’ is an ingenious idea, if not yet commercially viable on such a small scale, housing plants like strawberries, basil and lettuce. Crop growth rates, apparently, are […]

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